Word of Truth Magazine (1936 – 1967)

These were Sellers’ first works. They reflect his initial convictions and changes they underwent over the years. Not recommended for all readers. These Issues have long been out of print and we have no copies, but they are still available via today’s electronic media.

W1100 - Introduction514.2 KiB202
W1201 - Master Table Of Contents194.6 KiB326
W1301-Topical Index PDF575.0 KiB202
W1401-Vol I, No 136.3 KiB278
W1402-Vol I, No 255.9 KiB113
W1403-Vol I, No 3111.1 KiB126
W1404-Vol I, No 454.5 KiB104
W1405-Vol I, No 5125.5 KiB95
W1406-Vol I, No 657.8 KiB100
W1407-Vol I, No 761.8 KiB203
W1408-Vol I, No 850.9 KiB84
W1409-Vol I, No 953.3 KiB102
W1410-Vol I, No 10165.9 KiB87
W1411-Vol I, No 1154.6 KiB77
W1412-Vol I, No 1240.8 KiB82
W1501-Vol II, No 143.5 KiB79
W1502-Vol II, No 240.9 KiB76
W1503-Vol II, No 344.1 KiB84
W1504-Vol II, No 440.8 KiB113
W1505-Vol II, No 538.5 KiB149
W1506-Vol II, No 638.9 KiB89
W1508-Vol II, No 799.9 KiB74
W1509-Vol II, No 838.7 KiB89
W1510-Vol II, No 962.1 KiB73
W1511-Vol II, No.1060.1 KiB89
W1601-Vol III, No 149.3 KiB84
W1602-Vol III, No 246.6 KiB81
W1603-Vol III, No 348.5 KiB93
W1604-Vol III, No 4105.7 KiB76
W1605-Vol III, No 549.8 KiB74
W1606-Vol III, No 649.1 KiB79
W1607-Vol III, No 750.7 KiB84
W1608-Vol III, No 845.6 KiB91
W1609-Vol III, No 951.7 KiB78
W1701-Vol IV, No 172.0 KiB96
W1702-Vol IV, No 268.3 KiB83
W1703-Vol IV, No 3128.1 KiB87
W1704-Vol IV, No 471.4 KiB76
W1705-Vol IV, No 575.6 KiB85
W1706-Vol IV, No 668.9 KiB87
W1801-Vol V, No 176.4 KiB82
W1802-Vol V, No 277.0 KiB75
W1803-Vol V, No 371.6 KiB74
W1804-Vol V, No 461.1 KiB77
W1805-Vol V, No 575.3 KiB73
W1806-Vol V, No 671.1 KiB82
W1901-Vol VI Number 170.7 KiB100
W1902-Vol VI Number 2131.4 KiB79
W1903-Vol VI Number 369.4 KiB79
W1904-Vol VI Number 474.7 KiB73
W1905-Vol VI Number 569.8 KiB69
W1906-Vol VI Number 669.8 KiB84
W2001-Vol VII, No 171.5 KiB84
W2002-Vol VII, No 272.0 KiB82
W2003-Vol VII, No 355.7 KiB74
W2004-Vol VII, No 452.8 KiB91
W2005-Vol VII No 556.0 KiB94
W2006-Vol VII, No 651.1 KiB80
W2007-Vol VII, No 754.9 KiB93
W2008-Vol VII, No 866.8 KiB91
W2009-Vol VII, No 965.4 KiB93
W2101-Vol VIII, No 1135.6 KiB78
W2102-Vol VIII, No 246.6 KiB91
W2103-Vol VIII, No 386.0 KiB71
W2104-Vol VIII, No 467.9 KiB81
W2105-Vol VIII, No 568.0 KiB78
W2106-Vol VIII, No 666.0 KiB75
W2201-Vol IX, No 161.5 KiB81
W2202-Vol IX, No 268.5 KiB77
W2203-Vol IX, No 345.7 KiB83
W2204-Vol IX, No 471.4 KiB77
W2205-Vol IX, No 544.5 KiB79
W2206-Vol IX, No 681.0 KiB78
W2301-Vol X, No 146.2 KiB84
W2302-Vol X, No 276.0 KiB80
W2303-Vol X, No 368.7 KiB90
W2304-Vol X, No 463.6 KiB73
W2305-Vol X, No 568.7 KiB81
W2306-Vol X, No 662.1 KiB79
W2401-Vol XI, No, 166.5 KiB78
W2402-Vol XI, No 269.1 KiB81
W2403-Vol XI, No 366.7 KiB74
W2404-Vol XI, No 467.0 KiB84
W2405-Vol XI, No 584.3 KiB111
W2406-Vol XI, No 678.0 KiB79
W2501-Vol XII, No 161.8 KiB90
W2502-Vol XII, No 263.6 KiB77
W2503-Vol XII, No 362.0 KiB76
W2504-Vol XII, No 487.8 KiB83
W2505-Vol XII, No 5142.0 KiB92
W2506-Vol XII, No 688.0 KiB82
W2601-Vol XIII, No 180.4 KiB90
W2602-Vol XIII, No 271.3 KiB74
W2603-Vol XIII, No 379.0 KiB104
W2604-Vol XIII, No 454.2 KiB70
W2605-Vol XIII, No 562.2 KiB80
W2606-Vol XIII, No 674.4 KiB87
W2701-VOL XIV, No 164.3 KiB86
W2702-VOL XIV, No 257.5 KiB244
W2703-VOL XIV, No 355.8 KiB85
W2704-VOL XIV, No 4165.1 KiB99
W2705-VOL XIV, No 555.7 KiB78
W2706-VOL XIV, No 659.2 KiB80
W2801-VOL XV, No, 158.1 KiB79
W2802-VOL XV, No 274.0 KiB78
W2803-VOL XV, No 356.3 KiB78
W2804-VOL XV, No 456.4 KiB84
W2805-VOL XV, No 562.3 KiB82
W2806-VOL XV, No 659.3 KiB81
W2901-VOL XVI, No 1191.1 KiB96
W2902-VOL XVI, No 272.1 KiB82
W2903-VOL XVI, No 379.8 KiB84
W2904-VOL XVI, No 480.3 KiB88
W2905-VOL XVI, No 576.3 KiB79
W2906-VOL XVI, No, 690.1 KiB99
W3001-Vol XVII No 189.7 KiB98
W3002-Vol XVII No 2115.7 KiB118