Otis Q. Sellers Entire Tape Library (TL)

The Word of Truth Ministry is pleased to offer this library of 570 tape recorded messages by Mr. Sellers. These are available in MP3 format for you to listen to in the comfort of your home, office, or car. In order to download the MP3s, you will need to download them to a computer. You can download them to iTunes to listen to them on your iPod. To download to your computer, simply right click, choose Save Link As, choose where you would like to save the MP3 and click save.

Some of the MP3s may take a few minutes to load.

To Listen

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TL001 The Bible, The Word of God

TL002 The Foundation is Christ

TL003 The Second Coming of the Holy Spirit, Part 1

TL004 The Second Coming of the Holy Spirit, Part 2

TL005 The Divine Purpose

TL006 The Kingdom of God

TL007 What Does Kingdom (Basilea) Mean

TL008 Divine Interventioned Promised

TL009 God Assume Sovereignty

TL010 This Generation Shall Not Pass

TL011 God’s Present Purpose, Part 1

TL012 God’s Present Purpose, Part 2

TL013 Twelve Passges, Part 1

TL014 Twelve Passages, Part 2

TL015 When He Shall Come

TL016 Before the Day of the Lord

TL017 The Flow of Truth, Part 1

TL018 The Flow of Truth, Part 2

TL019 The Flow of Truth, Part 3

TL020 The Flow of Truth, Part 4

TL021 The Flow of Truth, Part 5

TL022 The Flow of Truth, Part 6

TL023 An Introduction to John’s Gospel 1

TL024 An Introduction to John’s Gospel 2

TL025 John’s Gospel, Chapter 1v1 to v14

TL026 John’s Gospel, Chapter 1_15-51

TL027 John’s Gospel, Chapter 2v1 to v25

TL028 John’s Gospel, Chapter 3v1 to v12

TL029 John’s Gospel, Chapter 3v13 to v36

TL030 John’s Gospel, Chapter 4_1-54

TL031 John’s Gospel, Chapter 5_1-47

TL032 John’s Gospel, Chapter 6_1-44

TL033 John’s Gospel, Chapters 6_45 to 7_27

TL034 John’s Gospel, Chapters 7_28 to 8_45

TL035 John’s Gospel, Chapters 8_46 to 10_21

TL036 John’s Gospel, Chapters 10_22 to 11_27

TL037 John’s Gospel, Chapters 11_28 to 12_33

TL038 John’s Gospel, Chapters 12_34 to 13_38

TL039 John’s Gospel Chapter 14_1-31

TL040 John’s Gospel, Chapters 15_1 to 16_33

TL041 John’s Gospel, Chapters 17,18 & 19

TL042 John’s Gospel Chapters 20 and 21

TL043 The Hope of Mankind-Part 1

TL044 The Hope of Mankind-Part 2

TL045 The Hope of Mankind, Part 3

TL046 The Hope of Mankind Part 4

TL047 The Parousia of the Lord Jesus, Part 1

TL048 The Parousia of the Lord Jesus, Part 2

TL049 The Parousia of the Lord Jesus. Part 3

TL050 What Is Judgement

TL051 What Does Ekklesia Mean

TL052 Acts Chapter 1v1 to v26

TL053 Acts Chapter 2v1 to v21

TL054 Acts Chapter 2v22 to v38

TL055, Acts Chapter 2v39 to 3v10