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Our newest Director to this Ministry, Nathan Johnson, also has an active website as above, and we recommend his writings to you. Send him an e-mail asking him to add you to his “PRECEPTS” group e-mail list. His address is:

Nathan also has a radio ministry at 9:30 a.m. (Central Time) Sunday mornings on AM 980 KKMS Twin Cities Christian Talk, You can stream the show from the station’s website, or visit the official website of the radio show,

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Book Published Regarding Seven “Pillars”
Most Churches Use about Death and Beyond

Mr. Louis Tonetti, a Brother and fellow student in this Ministry, has recently published a paperback book on the subject of “The Seven Pillars of Death”. It challenges the oft- held views and positions of “Orthodox Christianity” regarding “heaven”, “hell”, and what’s beyond the grave for each of us. We commend his book to you.

Louis also has committed to share any proceeds with The Word of Truth Ministry

If you might be interested, you can find it at: and

Prices are between $12 and $14.