Otis Q. Sellers, Founder – David R. Hettema, Director


Volume 3, No. 10      Jane Sellers Hancock, Editor     December 2012


Jane S. Hancock

Our group here at the Word of Truth Ministry has been studying Philippians the last few weeks, using the Bible as our text along with Nathan Johnson’s notes, listening to Otis Q. Sellers’ tapes and reading his pamphlet “The Interpretation of Philippians 3:20.” We included the Resultant Version and Notes for Philippians 1 and 2 with our August Bulletin. This month you get Philippians 3 and 4 along with the pamphlet on Philippians 3:20. If you read all these, you will have much to think about.

Philippians is a message to those who lived during the Acts period and now find themselves living in the Dispensation of Grace, a time when there are no miracles, no speaking in different languages, no direct word from God. It is the time of the silence of God. Not at all unlike today. Those of us living in this century can find peace in the message. In this dispensation, Christ is not only all but Christ is enough.

You might be reading this in December but I am writing this on Thanksgiving Day, a day more about feasting and football than about giving thanks. We need to give thanks to God every day, not just one day. I am thankful that He has given me peace. No matter what life throws at me, I’m at peace because I have God, I have Jesus Christ, in my life.

Some personal thoughts and thanks.

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David Hettema.

I wish I could report that David has written his column for this issue but I can’t. As I reported in the last bulletin, we miss him and are doing our best without him. He is in our prayers constantly.


From Ralph Luther: We like this traveling billboard. Ralph Luther sent us this picture with a note: “I just arrived home

[Montana] from a 7000 mile trip. I towed this trailer with the sign to Michigan and back through many States. Have you had any increase in the number of hits on the Seed & Bread website? I hope at least a few extra people will be looking.” Thank you, Ralph, for the free advertising.



From George Alton Richardson: “It is important to me that you know what I learned from the man Otis Q. Sellers. I cannot even imagine what my life would have been like without his teaching. I thank my God that I was able to tell him this before he died. . . . Please convey my thoughts and my thanks to all who work in the Word of Truth Ministry. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to “apply my heart unto instruction and my ears to the words of knowledge” (Proverbs 23:12).

From Wallace Stehle: “I loved O. [Otis] Sellers and his teachings. I still study his pamphlets. Thank you for your steady flow of info[rmation].”

From Ralph and Donna Hazelett: “We live in Central Pennsylvania and were very blessed that Hurricane Sandy did not cause any destruction in our area. We are surrounded by mountains, which help keep a lot of the wind away from us. Of course, our Lord was watching over us. Feel so sorry for those people in NY [New York] and NJ New Jersey].

Wishing a wonderful Thanksgiving to everyone.”

From Sam Marrone: “God bless you all, till His Kingdom comes to this Earth. May God speed the day.”


By Otis Q. Sellers

The most important fact in the universe is that God has spoken. The believer in the Lord Jesus Christ insists that the total record of what He has said is contained in the sixty-six books called the Bible. Since God has spoken, the supreme duty of all God-fearing men is to discover what He has said. But, alas, even professing Christians are not doing this, so there is an ever- diminishing company who are instructed in the facts of the Word of God.

Many who profess to be heralds of the Word are extremely careless in the use they make of it. If its statements will serve their purposes, they make use of them. If not, they feel free to ignore them. In rela­tionship to many things they refuse to allow the Bible to give any testimony.

It is good to know that in the providence of God, lest the love of His truth should utterly perish from the hearts of men, He sees fit to do a gracious personal work upon the minds of many who believe in His Son, Jesus Christ. This is a generating work, done with the end in view that the truth revealed in His word will become the supreme motivating factor in their lives. This is a gracious work in which God opens the eyes of men to see the importance and value of His truth; in which He draws them to His truth by making manifest some of its beauties and glories. Thus He encourages men to take a stand for His truth, and He ever stands ready to provide strength and wisdom to all who respond to His gracious call. All of this is done in secret, and if it is not told, it is known only to the one in whose life it has taken place.

As already stated, this work is a gracious gift, an act of love and favor to the undeserving. It is a work done for the believer, and its continuance and completion depends upon his step-by- step response. And if the one who is quickened to God’s truth refuses to respond, it will be his loss, not God’s. There are others who will respond.

When a believer has responded to this gracious work, he has the conviction that it is a serious sin to be unfaithful or disloyal to the truth of God. Faithfulness to revealed truth becomes a part of his character. He will seek for truth even as some men seek for wealth. Never again will he even try to conform to the commonly accepted religious thoughts and practices of this world. He will never compro­mise or temporize in order to have some place of service. He has made his choice, and he declares it in the words of Scripture, “I have chosen the way of truth” (Psa. 119:30).

In all humility, boasting excluded, and giving glory alone to God, the writer claims to be a man in whose life God has done such a work.


Read Seed & Bread and One-A-Day in Dutch on the European Web site: www.lachairoi.org. Johan Hensen and his son, Arnoud, translated these particular Otis Q. Sellers’ publications because they appreciated his independent studies, finding answers to unsolved problems.


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